FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

is an international high school robotics competition. Every year, teams of various high school students and mentors dedicate their six-weeks to build robots that survive and play high level games. Robots are advised to succeed in various tasks. The game has themes that tend to change every year, which keeps the builds enthusiasm and gives every team an additional level playing field. Although, teams are allowed to use the standard set of parts given by FIRST and they are also permitted a budget and cheered to buy or make particular parts.



FIRST® Tech Challenge  (FTC)

is introduced for high school students in 2005 to compete parallel against other teams using a sports model. Each team are required to design, build, and program their robots, ready to compete in an alliance setup against other teams.

FTC teams are also responsible for creating a journal which narrates their build season and team experience. It allows students to learn the importance of the engineering process and gives them an insight to reflect on their own experiences and improvements




In Australia, all FIRST Robotics Competition teams can compete at the Duel Down Under, held in Sydney. DDU is an off-season competition that is hosted every year for three days as a much inexpensive and a clear alternative to FRC, and is moreover a much later event in the year (end of June) to allow the teams additional time to arrange their robots.


“It’s the hardest fun you will ever have”

Bianca lieu, Captain 2016


“The atmosphere of gracious professionalism was indescribable at DDU”

Anosua Roy, Committee Chair 1