2017 Blog

Team 4802 likes to keep records of how our team members progressed throughout the week. Each meeting, we create a blog post which informs readers of the progress of our team. 

Wednesday 25th January 2017

We discussed tasks that had to be prioritize prior to the presentation of the robot (to the teachers). Chassis connected extrusions with the gussets plates to create the top and bottom of the frame of the robot. PRM worked on the 4802 website managing to complete the competition page. Selected experienced team members worked on the backup robot chassis for the upcoming presentation on Friday. They compiled all of the downloads needed to configure the Roborio and transferred it to the components. Gear finished designing the 'Gear Mechanism' and put together the wooden prototype. Gear also discussed what type of material, framework we would be using for the final mechanism with our mentor and also found a solution to 'How we would mount the mechanism in the robot' by utilising the 4- point linkage system. To improve productivity, team mentors decided to redesign the current team management system.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Tuesday 24th January 2017

Today 4802, our team approached our work in a ‘hands on’ fashion,after a small,regular meeting in the morning that focused upon the ‘work’ that we had to complete in our respective teams and the time we had .The climb team continued to work on the scale prototype, changing washers, undoing nuts and bolts and drilling the hole through which they were to attach the pole to as part of their mechanism. The team is close to finishing the prototype however are waiting on a certain material to complete it. The members aided the chassis team for the remainder of the day. The fuel team started to bring their mechanism idea into perspective by working at the dimensions/ sketches and designs that could possibly be used in improvement to their design. In addition to this, materials for prototyping were discussed and the ramp design was chosen as a final idea. The P.R.M web team completed the website count, animated the social bar, the media page, contact page, the Facebook feed was added and a blog page started.

 In addition, the team finished the about page, added before and after effects on the logo and are on the verge of finishing ‘ our achievements and sponsors page.’The gear team worked on their second prototype and considered the height of our robot as a slight issue which they are currently addressing and which should be resolved soon. The chassis team made dents into the gusset plates using an automatic centre punch, hammer and normal centre punch one after the other in attempt to make bigger dents. They spotted the drills and used a drill press to increase the size even further, deburred holes, sanded the outer shaft plates and chamfered the edges.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM
FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Monday 23th January 2017

4802 had a late start to the day due to cleaners coming in to clean the carpets but we still had a productive day. The P.R.M web team completed the homepage, contact us page, hyperlinked the logo to the homepage, hyperlinked the social media icons to our pages and is half way through the about us page. The chassis team have cut and sanded the gusset plates and stocktaked all the tools. The climb team has finished planning and built a full scale prototype for the climbing mechanism. The gear team finalised the gear intake mechanism and started building second prototype using plywood. The fuel team taped up the measurements for the robot onto cardboard and taped up the necessary area for the rest of the group.They began the sketches and dimensions for their new mechanism idea.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Friday 20th January 2017

Team 4802 started the day off with a briefing where we met Serena and her Mum and explained this year’s robot. Gear team completed their prototyping today and the Fuel team finalised their measurements. The Admin work was also finished today and the Chassis team mounted the gusset plates. The P.R.M web team finished the homepage on their website; they hyperlinked the logo to Facebook, added margins to the website and completed the slideshow.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Thursday 19th January 2017

Team 4802 started the day off with a briefing on what was to be done today, also as a team we constructed a gantt chart which includes a list of set tasks and the amount of days it will take to complete said task. The chassis team were successful in the completion of our prototype robot! After the backup chassis had been completed the Electrical team got started on wiring the robot. The climb team were able to test out their design on a previous robot used in last years competition and to their delight the robot was able to climb.  PRM team were continuing on with the ‘4802 website’ and with all meetings we finished up with a debriefing of what we had done today and set plans for tomorrow.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Wednesday 18th January 2017

Team 4802 started the day by giving everyone an assigned job for the day. The electrical team practiced crimping for the first time. We almost finished the stocktake for all our new products. The chassis team made headway on the backup chassis. The climb and fuel team finished the research for their robot contraption. The fuel team also made the sketches for their mechanism and backup mechanism. The gear team got feedback on their design ideas. PRM team wrote and sent letters to Bunnings and 80/20. Mr H visited our team today.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Our team 4802 visited one of our sponsors, 80/20 and bought material for the chassis of our robot. Also a mentor of ours travelled to Macquarie University to collect plentiful amounts of kits which contain parts and materials that could assist in building our robot. Some members of 4802 began stocktaking our new materials while a few PRM members continued on with the making of our website. Our team’s gratefulness for these materials is indescribable, this will ensure that we will have a robot, made with new shiny material, that has not already been damaged, like in previous years. We would like to encourage all our parents to show support to 80/20 and Macquarie University as we are incredibly grateful for their support, this may also encourage them to continue their sponsorship with us in the years to come.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Monday 16th January 2017

Team 4802 started the day off with a long meeting to review what we had done and needed to do. Then we separated into our specific teams and begun working on our goals for the day. A team started brainstorming ideas on ‘how to score points on the rotor mechanism’ and successfully drafted a design. While another team were opening the kit of parts and organised the new equipment/materials. We also had the PRM team work on the ‘Team 4802’ website and later ended the day by discussing/brainstorming our future directions.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Friday 13th January 2017

The obstacle apparatus was complete. CLIMB polished their work and worked on different aspects of PRM and helped other teams. CLIMB completed their parts, therefore the team organised and learnt about electrical components. FEEDER and FUEL made a new board. FUEL completed the perspex sheet. FUEL team attached everything. A couple of people from various teams started work on our 4802 website. This is the metal frame that we have been working on the whole week. We looked at different driving strategies for optimal points in the given time during the game. We came up with a general idea of our strategy and different mechanisms that we will add to the robot.

Thursday 12th January 2017

The decreased height of the frame was fixed by adding bits of timber to the bottom of the frame to increase the height by the climb team. CLIMB team made the Perspex supporters, this includes, cutting, drilling, filing, for the barriers. FUEL painted all their parts. A couple of people were given information about our website plans from seniors.

Our robot name was decided, Pythagoras. Py for short. The team threw around a few ideas, until coming to a decision that we should call it Pythagoras due to its triangle shape, but let’s keep it a secret until the big reveal!

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Wednesday 11th January 2017

CLIMB finished mock climber. CLIMB also helped cut additional parts for other teams, these include barriers (they named the barriers too! Ask them for the barriers name). FEEDER went through trial and error (great learning experience!). FUEL fixed existing contraptions. Testing the climb pole caused the wheels at the bottom to break, which decreased the height of the overall frame.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Tuesday 10th January 2017

Project teams split up to create testing devices based on field drawings and rules to give a more hands on experience with the scoring goals. GEAR finished a mock lifter same day. CLIMB nearly finished. GEAR finished their perspex box. FUEL started on all aspects of their

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM

Monday 9th January 2017

This was the first day of robotics for many members. The team discussed game strategy, meaning what we want the robot to do, and rewatched the game animation. We also formed teams in a row/column approach called “Matrix management” which approaches solving problems in two ways, we divide the team into specialisations and projects (for each challenge). The specialisations are:


  • MECH (mechanical)

  • ELEC (electronics)

  • SW (software)

  • PRM (Public Relations & Management).


The projects to be covered by the first three specialisations are:


  • FUEL - a challenge to collect balls which represent fuel and place them in a slot which represents a boiler.

  • GEAR - a large plastic gear, about 250mm, in diameter has to be collected from either the floor, or fed to the robot via a station and placed on a peg which represents repairing an airship.

  • CLIMB - a thick rope is lowered from a frame in the middle of the field and the robot (which could weigh as much as 55kg) will climb the rope and touch a button.

  • CHASSIS - this is the frame for the robot and includes the driving. This year the team is considering a 3 wheeled triangular or hexagonal shaped robot, a fairly uncommon design, but will enable us to drive in any direction across the floor, as well as provide three edges to meet each challenge.


The PRM team covers many aspects and is not tied to the robot projects specifically, but have their own projects for the team including fundraising, sponsorship, and budgeting, photography, and publishing for the website, blog, and this newsletter.

Ask your daughter which specialisation(s) and project team(s) she is on for specific details!

We discussed different types of robots and different types of drives.

FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM
FRC 4802, robotics, STEM, FIRST, Blacktown Girls, UMM