About Team 4802

FIRST Team 4802, also known as the Unidentified Moving Machines, is the first Australian all girls team at Duel Down Under (DDU) and the first Australian all girls public school team to win the Southern Cross Regionals . Our Team represents diversity, involvement, encouragement, impact and innovation. (est. 2013)

The students on our team come from over 20 suburbs and dedicate school hours as well as holidays to achieve our dreams. We are all enthusiastic and determined to attain our mission of promoting young women into STEM in Australia and the across the world. We, as a team understand the value of Robotics and wish to spread the message of FIRST. Our team educates its members' communication skills, teamwork, leadership and initiative while having fun and pursuing our passion, whether it falls into technical, business or artistic platforms.

We are determined about spreading our message of STEM through various programs. This indicates how we will improve the lives of everyone, no matter what their identity is and where they live. From the outback of Australia to the provinces of Russia, we want everybody to join and understand what abilities are required to participate in FIRST. Our minds are set on our mission and we are holding positive, determined attitude as we aspire to make a difference in the world.



As the team grew, so did our passion to make a name for ourselves within the FIRST community. The logo from the past represents our ambition as an all girls rookie team in Australia.The current logo represents how our mission to promote young women into STEM is gradually increasing.