Houston World Championship Blog 2018

FRC Houston World Championship 4-day Recap

World Championship Day 4 - Final Day


Day 4 commenced with award ceremony, alliance selection, division playoffs and the grand Einstein matches. Although we were not selected for playoffs, every match was a whirlwind of excitement. Especially our very first match (qualification 3), where our robot performed to our expectation by delivering all 9 cubes in the vault under 45-50 seconds in tele operated period.


After the division playoffs, Team 4802 headed off to Minute Maid Park to witness the exciting Einstein final matches with 30,000 other spectators. Congratulations to Team 254-  The Cheesy Poofs, 148 - Robowranglers, 2976 - Spartabots, 3075- Ha-Dream Team for being the winning alliance of 2018 Houston championship.

Competing first time at the world championship was nothing we have ever experienced. We learnt so many things from everyone around us. It was a great experience talking to students from all over the world who holds same passion for STEM as team 4802 does. The electric atmosphere of gracious professionalism enhanced the knowledge being spread amongst students, mentors and sponsors. This rewarding experience has motivated our team to develop skills and confidence in order to prepare ourselves for future endeavors.


All the details for our matches can found at the following link: https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/4802/2018


This journey was yours, just as much as it was ours.Thank you for being a part of our story. – Team 4802


World Championship Day 2 & 3 - Qualifying matches


Day 2 and 3 were hectic yet fun days! This was the start of our qualifying matches at the Roebling Division with 66 other teams. Team 4802 competed in 10 qualification matches altogether, delivering 8 cubes in the vault on average.


Some of our students were involved in a collaborative scouting project with the Australian teams, Project Bucephalus 5985 and Koalafied 6996. The electronic gathered scouting data allows for a thorough evaluation of a team performance, giving an alliance the opportunities to divide each teams on a specific task and seek for strategies to benefit themselves.


We would like to wish best of luck to all the teams for alliance selection tomorrow and especially our Australian teams who have excelled in their respective divisions.

World Championship Day 1 - Set Up

World Championships is finally here! Team 4802 is ready to spread to the message of FIRST and promote women in STEM in Houston. 

We kicked off the day with the exciting Innovation Fair where our team got the opportunity to learn about the new advancements in STEM from renowned organisations such as FIRST, NASA, LEGO Education and Walt Disney Imagineering.

Next, we were reunited with Gus the Robot and we unpacked him and set up our pits. Our PRM girls were also engaged in a collaborative scouting project with Team 5985 - Project Bucephalus and Team 6996 - Koalafied, where we tested out some new scouting software that will be used for the rest of the competition.

We are thankful for those who have constantly supported us to fulfill our dreams and we hope we can make you proud.